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November 13th 2014 at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin

With the “Energiewende”, the German government is planning the transition from conventional energy sources to sustainable renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development. The German long-term strategy foresees a share of renewables in electricity supply of 55- 60% by 2035. Even though they hold 50% of the world’s proven crude oil and 30% of its natural gas reserves, most Arab countries have ambitious plans to diversify energy resources and increase energy efficiency.

With their experience and state of the art technology, German companies can offer a sustainable contribution to the Arab world’s energy projects. Strategic partnerships based on mutual benefit and understanding, facilitate economic advantages for both sides. To create new synergies and strengthen existing Arab- German cooperation in the energy sector the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing the 5th Arab-German Energy Forum from November 13th-14th, 2014 in Berlin.

Renowned experts of the industry and politics will be present and discuss the topics.

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Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V.

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As a part of the international activities the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V. participates in the preparation of Short-Course-Mechatronics in cooperation with the Sultan Qaboos Universität in Muscat (Oman) started in winter 2013.



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