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The “Vulcanus in Europe“ Scheme

Hosting a Japanese Trainee

The EU-Japan Centre is inviting applications for the „Vulcanus in Europe“ scheme. Through this scheme, EU-based companies, research centers  and other institutions can offer Japanese trainees an 8-month internship within their company.
The trainees come from leading Japanese universities and are students in Engineering or other scientific and Hightech fields. They will be able to communicate in the EU company’s local language.

EU companies have many advantages such as a valuable addition to the R&D workforce and an insight into the Japanese culture, extremely useful for successful business with Japan. The trainee programme runs from August 2015 to March 2016.
Application deadline is the 30th of September 2014.

More information & application:
Margherita Rosada on + 32 2 2823715 or by e-mail:


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